1) Contact Us and Subscribe

Livestock and animal breeding operations can reap significant benefits from genomic testing, whether to maximize desirable traits, minimize undesirable ones, or eliminate disease susceptibility. Simply subscribe and speak to a member of our team to find out how MCG can meet your genetic testing requirements. We offer a variety of genomic services, which can be tailored to meet your diagnostic and budgetary expectations.

Whether you are ready to introduce genetic testing as a component of your breeding program or are just curious about the value of MCG’s services, request access to your account and start unlocking the secrets of your genome today!


2) Order Your Tests and Send Your Samples

After consulting with MCG to determine the nature and number of tests required, place your order via the secure customer portal accessible using your MCG account. A Project tab will be created in your account, allowing you to track the progress of you order. MCG identification numbers corresponding to each animal will then be generated, allowing us to integrate our test results with your records. You will label the tissue, blood, saliva, or nasal swab samples with the corresponding MCG ID and send them to our laboratory.

Shipping Your Samples

DNA samples can be provided through a variety of methods. Blood or tissue samples must be collected by a veterinarian or animal health technician in approved shipping tubes. For non-invasive customer-completed DNA collection, we recommend the PerformaGene or OraGene collection kits from DNAgenotek ( We can also process samples collected using other kits or methods, but please contact us prior to collection to ensure optimal DNA handling and processing.

*To minimize sample contamination, we recommend having a veterinarian or trained technician obtain the samples.


3) Monitor Progress and View Results Online

Testing progress will be updated in real time, and the test results for each project will be published securely to your MCG account. Based on your needs, we will consult with you to clarify the implications of the results, provide breeding advice, and suggest additional testing options that could help you gain more information about your animals. Genomic certification is available and select customers may receive an invitation to join the MCG Breeding Database, a publicly accessible online forum that lets other livestock producers and animal breeders looking to improve the genetic foundation of their stock contact you about breeding or in vitro fertilization opportunities.


Other Services

MCG offers data interpretation and SNP validation for SNP-chip assays, including the PorcineSNP60, OvineSNP50, CanineHD, and BovineLD/HD/SNP50 chips. We also offer custom genomic applications for non-traditional livestock and other captive animals. Additional applications, such as gastrointestinal microbiota profiling and bovine epigenomic diagnostics are currently under development.