Why Genetic Testing

Genetic testing adds value to your operation by determining the absence or presence of specific genetic variants that are strongly correlated with beneficial traits or diseases.  With this information, you can make important decisions in your breeding operations without having to incur the costs associated with observing an animal’s traits or performance over time.

For example, knowing that a calf possesses the same combination of genetic variants that made its mother a prized milk producer would justify the food, housing and other expenses involved in raising the calf to maturity. Similarly, ensuring that Labrador Retriever puppies are free of the mutations associated with hip dysplasia will significantly reduce the risk of them developing this disabling disease and requiring costly surgery in adulthood.

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Designing and conducting your tests

Our tests are based on the most up-to-date genomic data available for traits and characteristics that will add significant value – both in short-term breeding strategies and long-term management programs. We conduct our tests using a variety of methods, including state-of-the-art applications (including Next Generation Sequencing) and clinical laboratory-grade DNA sequencing (gold-standard Sanger sequencing). Bioinformatic analyses, genetic certification, data reporting, and breeding advice are customized to meet your needs and budget.


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2) Order Tests & Send Samples

Once your customized testing platform has been created, place your order through our secure customer portal, follow the animal sample identification process, and send your samples to us.

3) View Results Online

Track the progress of your tests and then review the results online securely via your MCG account. Optional genomic certification, integration into the MCG Breeding Database, subsequent breeding advice, and further testing options are available at your request.



Meeting Creek Genomics supports the development of resources and technology that accelerate genomic research and its applications to support farming families and animal breeders across the country. A critical component of the our mission is the consideration of ethical, environmental and social implications of genomic research while providing producers and breeders with genomic improvement and verification services to assist them in enhancing their sustainability and competitiveness.


Name Origin

Ancestors of the Westlund Family emigrated to Meeting Creek, Alberta from Sweden in the late 1800s and maintain roots in the area to this day.  In reflecting our commitment to small farms and breeding operations, we chose the name Meeting Creek Genomics to honour our heritage and to echo the nature of our family business.


Jason Bush, PhD

Jason holds a BSc in Zoology with Honours from Brandon University,  a PhD in Medical Genetics from the University of Alberta and completed Post-Doctoral training in Epigenetics at the University of Western Ontario.  Jason’s work has involved studying the genetics of wolves, pigs and mice and he has been supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


Doug Westlund, MBA

Doug holds a BSc from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the University of Southern California, with emphasis in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Doug has worked with consumer products as both a product and process / industrial engineer with emphasis in systems improvement and automation. He has also consulted on supplier quality initiatives in both the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.